amethyst muse


28 March 2004

i'm moving to typepad. (eventually, this moving stuff is time consuming!)


wow. can't believe its been over a week since i last posted! knitting is moving right along. i finished the first sleeve of the eyelet top, and the back of the little black top, and cast on for the fronts of both, as well as the cabled shell. i promised myself that after these projects are done, i'll pick up at least one of my UFOs from last summer--like the glace shell, and smooch. that being said, i also cast on for Rogue, using lambs pride superwashed, which i was planning to use for something else. let's see if i like it.


20 March 2004

with a burst of energy (and blogsurfing) i wound another ball of yarn, and early this morning i finished the back of the little black top. now i'm trying to decide whether i should cast on for the front, or get the i-cord out of the way. in the meantime, i'm making [slow] progress on the eyelet top. i wish i could show you a picture, but there aren't any online. it's from last summer's FCEK, and is shown in a variegated colorway, but instead i decided on ivory. i am sorta regretting the color choice, but based on my current wardrobe, ivory has the most possibilities. this year i'm lusting after the color turquoise. i want to make something turquoise and summery--what, i don't know.

seeing ms. fluffa's chocolate poncho has made me lust after one even more. i think i need to look around and see what my options are.


19 March 2004

my knitting buddy is the best!! i was so surprised at what i received in the mail yesterday. just a few days ago i was thinking if i could figure out how to make beaded stitch markers. (did i mention that here?) and that's exactly what i received from my secret pal. and i love the case they came in too.

last night i reached the armhole shaping of the back of the little black top. i am loving this pattern and can't wait to make another one! i've been working exclusively on this project this week. maybe by this weekend I can get started on the front, and get to use my beautiful new stitch markers!! of course, that would mean winding a huge hank of yarn, which i am so NOT looking forward to!


15 March 2004

so much stuff to knit, so little time, and only two hands! i started yet another new project yesterday, the little black top from the S'nB book. finished the back of the cabled shell. i don't care for the luxe yarn, but it came out very nice. i'm hoping that the slight scratchiness of the yarn will dissipate with a good wash and some fabric softener.


12 March 2004

oh! and i'm still lusting over Rogue, but have yet to find the *right* yarn for it. i want cotton, or maybe a wool/cotton blend...but somewhat lightweight, that I can conceivably throw on year-round. HELP! All suggestions greatly appreciated!!


I've gotten a headstart on spring and summer. I'm gonna be a tank girl too! My three current projects are coming along. The eyelet top is a little slower of course, on size 3 needles. I also have 3 UFOs that have come out of hiding. Some quick finishing, and they will be done. Although I suspect that one project may need more than just some quick finishing.

I am so thoroughly ehtused my my fellow knitting bloggers and seeing what they're working on. I want to knit everything!!

Next on the needles will be the little black top from Stitch 'n Bitch, in a dark red. It took me forever to decide what color I wanted. Even though I could use another basic black top, that will wait til later.

I also need a cardi. Something lightweight. Probably Bonne's eyelet cardi. And I've fallen in love with the orange/pink colorway of Phildar Onde. Now the search is on for the perfect pattern.

I have some black cotton ease, to restart Grace (from Rowan 27). The first version is in Stahl Bandolino, but it isn't working out. It is coming out awfully small, even though I'm on gauge. So, off to the frog pond with that.

Happy knitting!