amethyst muse


20 March 2004

with a burst of energy (and blogsurfing) i wound another ball of yarn, and early this morning i finished the back of the little black top. now i'm trying to decide whether i should cast on for the front, or get the i-cord out of the way. in the meantime, i'm making [slow] progress on the eyelet top. i wish i could show you a picture, but there aren't any online. it's from last summer's FCEK, and is shown in a variegated colorway, but instead i decided on ivory. i am sorta regretting the color choice, but based on my current wardrobe, ivory has the most possibilities. this year i'm lusting after the color turquoise. i want to make something turquoise and summery--what, i don't know.

seeing ms. fluffa's chocolate poncho has made me lust after one even more. i think i need to look around and see what my options are.


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