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23 January 2004

i'm back.

there hasn't been much knitting going on. i frogged Core when it became apparent that my darling girl-dhild is growing much faster than i can knit. i have to hustle with Sweet so that it will be wearable. or i may decide to frog that too. she's at an in-between stage. mot kids patterns are too small, most adult patterns are inappropriate for her age. still teaching her to knit, albeit slowly. she wants a poncho. maybe i can get that done for early spring, which, by my calendar, is right around the corner.

cafe bastille is still sitting in a bag. i sewed up the shoulder seams and started the neckline. and frogged it. then put it aside. i think i'll start a sleeve this weekend.

picked up an old UFO. Gracie from Rowan 31. i'm using Gedifra St. Tropez instead of Rowan 4-ply cotton. slow going on size 2 needles.


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