amethyst muse


26 December 2003

hope everyone is having a happy holiday.

moving right along with core and cafe bastille. i am midway up through the armhole shaping in the back, but it needs to be ripped back. the body needs to be longer, for my extra tall son. he says its too short. i didn't realize what a long torso he has. . still thinking ahead to future (warm weather) projects, but nothing is really grabbing my attention. i don't know, i guess i'm in a sort of slump.


22 December 2003

well, i worked some more on core this saturday; at least until i got tired of blue hands. and i added quite a bit to cafe bastille. i should be up to the armholes soon. i hope the sleeves go just as fast. i also started a plain k3,p3 scarf yesterday. it was quite cold this weekend. but today, it's in the 50s, so i'm not so pressed about it. over the next couple of days i want to do some swatching for upcoming projects. i think it's time for me to start thinking about SPRING and SUMMER projects.


20 December 2003

finished the back of Sweet. used slightly less than two balls of Silky Look. i wasn't too thrilled with this yarn at first, but i'm really liking it now. i have a total of 10 balls, and sweet may take 5-6. what to do with the rest...?? true to my word, i've turned my attention to Core. here come the blue-tinged fingers.


19 December 2003

sweet is coming right along. i'm almost done with the back. babygirl loves the color (hot pink). and i've got about 11 inches so far on Cafe Bastille, with general approval from the man-child. neither one will be done for christmas, so they will be a post-christmas gifts. the wrist is feeling better, as i gave myself a bit of rest from knitting. and alternating between size 4 and size 11 needles seems to have helped. i've been too lazy/busy to get to the post office, so 3XChic and the long-finished Sampler Scarf will be mailed off after the holidays. i HATE standing in line, and there are nothing BUT lines at the post office.

i took the top-down cardi off my WIP list because it is done. i still need to put in the zipper, but for all intents and purposes, i'm finished. i just need the time (and inclination) to sew in the damn zipper. lol

looking ahead to future projects...i'm thinking maybe something from Vintage Knits, or perhaps the Curry Cabled Cardigan from IK.

another complaint...why does it seem like B&N NEVER, EVER has Vogue Knitting??? i've missed the fall issue totally. and i forget where i finally found the holiday issue.


16 December 2003

oh hell. 2/3 of the way through the final sleeve for Chippy and I run out of yarn. i was sure it wouldn't take more than one ball of Cotton Ease, but i guess i was mistaken. so that is on hold until i can get some more. i've gone ahead and seamed up the shoulders and pulled it over my head. undecided whether or not i need to close up the boatneck shaping a wee bit, so for now it stays. i went back to work on Sweet, on size 4 needles (ouch), but surprisingly enough, it's moving pretty damn quickly. i'm already up to the armhole shaping. once i finish the back on that, i'll finish up the back on Core. and Cafe Bastille is moving quickly on size 11 needles. maybe i can get the body done by monday.


13 December 2003

i was "forced" to start a new project. [that's my story, and i'm stickin' to it]. Cafe Bastille from the fall IK. It's going pretty fast, and is a change up from the smaller gauge projects i'm working on. Hopefully it won't aggravate my wrist too much.


12 December 2003

SS Turtleneck is done!! its a little big, and i still have ends to weave in, but overall i'm pretty damn pleased with it.


10 December 2003

21 rows to finish the final sleeve of the SS turtleneck. i'm so excited! i can't wait to wear this thing. i've been perusing my knitting books, and my stash inventory. i think i want to try the DB Ruffled Cardi from the summer '03 VK. i plan to use LB Microspun. found out today that my local Michael's is CLOSING! How can they do this to me???

tomorrow, while the sleeves are blocking, i'll get back to Accordian. this is supposed to be a Christmas present. i also have to block the scarf i finished back in February that was last year's Christmas gift to mom. she'll get it this year. then by the time of her birthday/Mother's day (same day), i should be finished with another knitted item for her.


07 December 2003

one third of the way up the sleeve of the SS Turtleneck, and i've run out of yarn. no biggie. it is no-dye-lot acrylic. so i picked up Accordian and finished the right front to that, only to find out that it's too short. i *forgot* to make note that i lengthened the back by 1". no biggie. now i'm working on Sweet. yup another project. i figure with so many projects well on their way to the finishing line, i can start something new. this Sweet is for babygirl, out of hot pink sirdar silky look that i got off ebay some time ago.


06 December 2003

moving right along with the final sleeve to the SS turtleneck. i love it so far. still think it will be a bit big, but that's okay. it is not horrendously big, just in a sorta "i lost weight" kinda way. even though i have not yet lost said weight. i will definitely need another skein of Simply Soft. i'm nearing the end now.

Does this mean i'm a "real" knitter? for the past few days i've felt "something in my right wrist. not pain exactly, and no significant loss of movement, but twinge of sorts when i press against the potruding bone in my wrist. i can't tell myself, but the man-child assures me that it is slightly swollen, and feels tender. what does this mean? what do i do?


03 December 2003

the turtleneck on the lush turtleneck....(i think i will rename this the SS turtleneck. SS=Simply Soft) looks great. i'm very happy with how it is turning out thus far. the real test is knitting a MATCHING sleeve. i get too tangled up to do two sleeves at once, but i have some trouble knitting sleeves that match in size.

confession time: i started a new project. Core from pipsqueaks for babygirl. i couldn't help myself. i really should not have started, since i do not have enough denim to finish it, but it was calling me, and i couldn't resist. i finished one ball so far, and put it down. i won't go back to it until i at least finish a project from my list.


02 December 2003

Note the date: today i pick up stitches for the lush turtleneck. let's see how many times i frog till i get it right. Update: so far, so good, i think i finally got the hang of picking up stitches!

the front of Chippy is done. i had to salvage a couple of extra long cast on tails to finish binding off. even though i still have a sleeve to do...i know that is going to take a complete ball.

i'm avoiding finishing lo-tech, and may just go on and work on inishmore for a while. i'm up to the last 25 rows of the top-down cardi, and then the test--trying it on for length, and adding the dreaded zipper.

so...slowly but surely the WIP list is growing smaller.