amethyst muse


25 November 2003

Grace may have to go. i was on gauge with the sleeves, but i've started and re-started the back and am not happy. i can't get gauge at all. weird, huh? i'm wondering what else i can use the purple bandolino for. hmmmm....

moving right along with Accordian. the back is done, and i'm working on one of the front pieces. its a really easy pattern, and i'm looking forward to making one for myself, and my daughter. perhaps cotton? but that is not for a while yet.

i've started assembling lo-tech but found out (the hard way) that the raglan shaping on one sleeve is too long. looks like this project is stalled until i feel like going back to it.

top-down cardi is almost done. i have to finish one sleeve, try it on, then determine whether or not i'm going to add an inch or two to the body. i haven't finished it yet because,'s boring. round and round and round in stockinette....

lush turtleneck: is waiting for the collar stitches to be picked up (and one sleeve). and i'm slightly confused by the pattern, which states: with larger needles, pick up and knit 102 stitches. Row 1(RS): P2, K3, end ok well this is what confuses me. if i pick up stitches with the right side facing, my next row will be a WRONG-side row. am i correct, or have i lost something along the way? other than that stumbling block, i'm happy with the way it is turning out. i used Caron Simply Soft, and it feels quite nice. maybe not as drapey as it would have been using Classic Elite Lush, but i am content.


17 November 2003

added progress bars. if you can't see them (in pink) please let me know! not much knitting this weekend. more time spent writing. i did finish the hood on LoTech. hope to get some more done this week.


14 November 2003

trying to add the progress meters to my blog, but it doesn't seem to be working. ok back to knitting! LOL i've finished all the pieces of LoTech but i need to let them "marinate" while i contemplate picking up stitches. also finished the front of the lush turtleneck, but now i need to lengthen the back to match the front. i *thought* it matched up, but was mistaken. maybe this weekend i'll get the sleeve of the top-down cardi done too.


10 November 2003

i haven't been writing much. however, i did manage to finish the hood and pockets of Lo-Tech. i'm working on the final sleeve now, while the fronts, back and pockets are blocking. aside from that i haven't been doing much else. i need to hunt down a ball (or two) of Red Woolease chunky so i can finish the ribbie cardi.


06 November 2003

i'm writing. really i am. 1046 words so far today. but i've been knitting too. don't ask how i do it, but i knit while i'm at the keyboard--i really need some dictation software!. anyway, i worked on the top-down cardi. finished the first sleeve, and finished the collar. that collar made a hell of a difference. it actually looks like something now.i tried it on, and it is still slightly too short. once i finish the second sleeve, i'll add an inch or two to the bottom. now i'm working on the front of the lush turtleneck. this color is sooo nice. once i finish that i'm jump back to Lo-Tech and finish another piece of that one. i've been looking at the cabled cardi in the Fall '02 IK, and i want to make it. really bad. ooh! and retro prep too!


05 November 2003

finished the pocket of Lo-Tech. and now i really need to pick up more WoolEase. i've gone back to work on the top-down cardi. i'm just about done with the first sleeve. the 20" zipper i bought seems to be a little short, so i will probably go back and add on to it, to accomodate the 24" zipper i found.

3XChic x2 - gonna try again. this time a size large. i haven't actually *started* this one, but i did cast on for it. i'm using LB Homespun in "romanesque" which is a grey/white/purplish kind of is waiting.....

NaNoWriMo is crawling away quite can check my probress here.


04 November 2003

finished another front of Lo-Tech, and started on a pocket. this is really coming together pretty quickly. i'm also doing the NaNoWriMo thing, so my knitting time will be sporadic over the next month. hopefully i will still be able to get further along on the project already started. the good thing is, i won't have time to start anything else!


03 November 2003

i've been all over the place the past few days. finished a sleeve on Chippy, rejoined the pieces of Ribbie Cardi, and started the 2nd front piece of Lo-Tech. finished up babygirl's sweater wednesday night. she wore it thursday, and it is *just* fitting. it won't last very long. but it is warm, so much so, that she ended up taking it off. she also said it was itchy, but i think that was because it was so darned hot. yup, here it is November, and the past couple of days have called for AC. i'm still not used to AC in November.