amethyst muse


29 September 2003

oh yeah, i forgot....

Happy Birthday to Me.......


up late last night, working on the top down cardi. finished the ribbing and am ready to start the sleeves. i think this past week has been a week for sleeves. i really dislike knitting sleves. keeping track of increases, decreases...more of a chance of messing up. i become an anal row counter when it comes to sleeves, to ensure they come out looking the same. so, this morning, i'm back to 3XChic, and when that last sleeve is done, i'll go back to work on Grace. got some swatching to do....i'm eager to play around with Elann's Den-m-nit. i want to make their cables & lace cardigan, and Core from Rowan Pipsqueaks for babygirl. I've also got the Twilley's Denim Freedom book on its way to me.


27 September 2003

transferred stuff to my new template, but obviously something's wrong. i just don't feel like playing with it right now. i'm plugging away at my top down cardi. the rows are endless and it seems like it's taking forever. i may take a break from it and work on Grace today.


well, i chose a new template. now i need to working on getting all my stuff back. this sucks.


what tha hell? i tried to edit my template, but it only partially loads into the template editor. i really am not in the mood to select a new template and all that crap. in any case....Grace has TWO complete sleeves, and I've started the back. Top Down Cardi is coming along...still knitting the body portion. And I've started yet another pattern. the Grand Plan Pullover that was featured in IK and in Knitters Handy Book of Patterns. I'm using LB Jiffy in a purple/pink/teal/blue variegated mix. My daughter's favorite colors and i'm sure she'll love it. i've completed one sleeve and started on the back. its been a week for sleeves...i've also started on the first sleeve for 3XChic.

my son has requested a zippered, hooded vest. In black, of course. you think he'd know/mind if I used a...shhhh....women's pattern?? We pretty much wear the same size.

[shaking head]

i still can't believe i'm the mom of a teenager. jeez. he'll be 13 on 10/6. and i'll be 37 on monday.


22 September 2003

finished the back to 3XChic yesterday. it is a very quick knit. now i'm back to the raglan cardi. hopefully i can finish the body on that this week.

i've been strangely attrached to the poncho knit-along. i'm not a poncho kind of gal. or at least i thought i wasn't. however...there is a pattern that has been calling me for a while. it is in the Fall '02 FCEK. The one with Greenlee (from AMC) on the cover. i want to make that sweater as well, but i digress. anyway, pattern #10 is this hooded wrap/poncho/cape thingie I want to make. I'm thinking a nice burgandy color with black edging. or a charcoal with red trim. i'm not sure if i want a solid color, or a tweedy color. i'm thinking tweedy is the way to go. since it is outerwear, i want something firm but a little drapey. oh yeah....and affordable!

my choices thus far are:
1. Tahki Soho Bulky
2. Reynolds Lopi
3. Lambs Pride Bulky
4. Woolease Chunky

if anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know!!


20 September 2003

i started yet another project. only because i'm still waiting for more yarn from, and i needed something to work on that was pretty mindless at the park today. i started 3xChic, which will probably go to my mom. still plugging away at everything else, and i will NOT start anything else. really. i can't. i figure i can finish the top down raglan cardi by the end of the month. maybe even the ribbie cardie too. and i need to find buttons for grace.


14 September 2003

well, the left front of the ribbie cardi is done. this is going real quick like. i'm alternating between that and Grace, with some [yuck] swatching in between. been looking for an online vendor that has Berroco Uxbridge Tweed with reasonable shipping.


13 September 2003

HOLY CRAP!!! Thanks to this link, and an animation of how to pick up stitches i realize i've been doing it ALL WRONG! currently, i have 2 or 3 projects awaiting the dreaded "pick up stitches". but still, there is a wee bit of confusion, when a pattern states "pick up and knit". do i pick up a stitch, knit it, then pick up another? do i pick up al the stitches then knit? i can't wait to try out my newfound knowledge. well, at least it is clearer to me in theory. in other knitting news...Inishmore is languishing. it makes my hands hurt, trying to maintain such a tight gauge. i have a sneaky suspicion that my gauge is off, but sobeit. the intended recipient is 6'1" with long arms. bigger will be just fine. i also started another project (shame on me!). i'm using Stahl Bandolino from Elann. compared to ASC and Cotton Ease, it is slightly thinner. but the gauge on the ball band is pretty much the same. but i did go up a size, based on my swatch. i hate swatching, so i'm using my best judgement, cause i was not knitting a second swatch. i started on a sleeve, and all looks well so far. wish me luck!


07 September 2003

not much knitting going on. i started a temp gig on 8/27, which was supposed to end on 9/5, but (lucky for me) has been extended one more week. sooo....transitioning into working again has left me exhausted. lol but a good exhausted. i feel like i'm a functioning member of society again. Inishmore is coming along really slowly. i haven't even finished a complete pattern repeat. i started the Ribby Cardie and whipped the back up quick enough. but aside from that, i've been writing instead of knitting. i'm still trying to figure out how to balance the two. i wish i had voice recognition software (oops, i do)...well i wish i had enough RAM to use said voice recognition software, then i could write and knit at the same time.

ciao for now.