amethyst muse


31 August 2003

oh bloody hell. the FCEK wrap top is too big. wayy too big. have i lost weight since i started it way back when? possibly. i've got to frog it. probably the whole thing, and start again. but not today. not anytime soon. as far as i'm concerned, it can languish in the frog pond for a season before i look at it again. ARRGGGHHH!!!!


26 August 2003

the Interview Game:

1. Leave a comment saying you want to be interviewed.
2. I'll reply and give you five questions to answer.
3. You'll update your LJ or blog with the five questions answered.
4. You'll include this explanation.
5. You ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed. And it just keeps going, and going, and going.


INTERVIEW, questions courtesy of Unfurnished Brooklyn [Iris]

1) What is your favorite season?
I think I would have to say the fall. The beginning of the school year, the start of football season. Its not too hot, and the leaves are changing colors. I even like seeing all the new school supplies--books and pens in the stores. I guess that comes from the writer in me. But throughout my life, the "newness" of the school year wears thin by October. My birthday is in the fall too.

2)What knitting project has languished unfinished the longest?
The oldest project at the moment is a knit pillow that i will never finish. My gauge was soooo tight, it feels damn near like cardboard. I also decided I didn't like how the yarn looked either. I also have a grey sweater from last fall/winter. All I have left to do is the front and finishing. I will get back to it, eventually.

\3)What was your most regrettable hairstyle?
Aw man, do we have to go there? I did the jheri curl thang for a hot minute. For real. Cut off all my hair, got the curl, hated it and got braids. what's bad is that i went to my HS prom like this!!!!

4)In a movie of your life, who would play you?
I would like to say Angela Bassett. She is one of my favorite actresses. My life is pretty boring, and Ms. Bassett could make it *seem* more exciting. LOL

5)What is the one material possession you can't live without?
My CDS. Music moves me. Soothes me. Inspires me. Can't live without my music. From Miles, to the J5, to Creed, to Nas to Alanis Morrisette to Erykah Badu to Frank Sinatra to Bob Marley, and everone in between. I love just about all music.


i've heard it said that knitting is therapeutic. never had any opinion one way or the other, i just enjoyed it. but after the past few days, i can understand the zen of knitting. as it turns out, it looks like i will not be getting to nyc for my grandmother's funeral, and its killing me. add to that the stress of still being unemployed, having a job dangled in front of me then taken away, and the prospect of being without electricity during the hottest week of the year--well, you get the idea. i turned to my knitting--but instead of working on current projects, i started new stuff. and that sense of accomplishment, seeing each row grow into a garment--well, it soothed me. now, if only i could channel some of this "zen-ness" into my writing, and i'd be all set.

i started on inishmore, and it is coming along nicely. i have to admit, i was really kinda intimidated. i did NOT swatch. it actually looks a little small, but that could be because it is all bunched up on a straight needle. i even have one of the charts mostly memorized, or at least i can "read" my stitches and know what comes next. i can see another inishmore in the future...for ME.


24 August 2003

INISHMORE has begun. I started it friday. Its not as difficult as I thought it would be. (more about that later)

I still haven't completed an entire pattern repeat, only because I've been otherwise distracted. My grandma passed away friday afternoon, at the age of 96. She'd been terminal for quite some time, so it was expected, but that doesn't make it any less painful. I am trying to get back to NYC this week for the funeral. I guess I'm still in a daze of sorts, and am very worried about my mom, and how she's holding up. This is the hard part of being 960 miles away from family.


21 August 2003

finished the front of the glace shell. joined the shoulder seams, then stopped. yes, once again, stalled by the "picking up of stitches". one day soon, i'm going to make it to S'nB and take all my projects that are waiting to be finished, and beg someone to give me some hands-on-instruction on picking up stitches.

i'm undecided whether i should start the lo-tech sweat, or the ribbie cardi. [why not both? the evil voice says] and i think i also want to make chamomile from the rowan summer tweed collection. the gedifra marrakesch is the same gauge as summer tweed. lets see if it works.

oh yeah!!! INISHMORE. I really, really, want to make this, but am a wee bit intimidated. i'd like to use LB Fisherman's Wool. i haven't swatched yet, but will. soon.


20 August 2003

knitting is moving along slowly. i've been working on the front of the glace shell and i'm just about to start the neck shaping. later tonite, i'll get started on the last i-cord for the FCEK wrap top. i'm midway through the armholes of Chippy too. i think this weekend, i will try once again to tackle Smooch. it's funny, i find myself looking at fall stuff, when i know i won't put on a long sleeve sweater until october some time. i've still got lots of tank time!

ok. i've got 10 balls of Sirdar Silky Look. I have no idea what i want to make with this yarn. it is dk weight and very soft.

still no start date on the job, and my nerves are shot. i HATE waiting.


16 August 2003

I got a job!

Well, I'm at least 98% sure I have a job. I should have a start date come monday. August 20th makes 1 year since I've last been employed. It has been a rough year to say the least, and I'm hoping it will only get better from here.

Disregard my last post. I'd maybe completed 20 rows or so when my needle fell out. I ended up frogging the whole thing. I also figured that I wouldn't get it finished in time to wear this year (knitting with railroad ribbon is sooo slow) so I put the kit back into the stash. Instead I picked out Gracie from Rowan 31. I'd started it, but with such a small gauge I put it aside because the points on the size 2 needles were sticking me and hurting my fingers. So Gracie and Chippy are my two "active" projects. Smooch and Ribbie Vest are still on hold. Maybe if I can make the next sunday S'nB I'll take them with me.


11 August 2003

this is my latest project. from Ram Wools

this railroad ribbon yarn is a pain in the ass. needless to say, this project will be hanging around for a while.


10 August 2003

this weekend i: 1. finished the final strap on the ChicKami. when i tried it on, the straps were too long. ohwell. that fix it will have to wait for a rainy day. 2. finished the neckband of the FCEK Wrap Top and seamed the sides. i forgot to leave a little opening for the i-cord, but that's minior. now i have 52" total of i-cord to knit. but not today. instead, i went back to the Glace Shell. cast on for the front and finished the beaded edge so far. i want more glace, in lots of colors!! so far, i've been good about NOT starting anything else new. LOL let's see how long that lasts!


09 August 2003

i'm ready for fall/winter projects! the kids are back in school monday, and i've been really stepping up the job hunt efforts. and i've been writing. all of which has taken away from my knitting time. i've got two interviews this week, and i really need to get one of these jobs!!

send good thoughts this way!


03 August 2003

i've been knitting. but sporadically at best. i have ONE strap to go on the ChicKami, and I put it aside. the Katrina Wrap Top has been bugging me. I finished the left front, which matches the right front perfectly. now i have to add another inch to the back so that will match as well. and then i wound one ball of Glace, for the glace tank i put aside. I have one more hank to wind, and one to untangle then wind. smooch and i are still not talking to each other; lets see how long that lasts.