amethyst muse


30 June 2003

aw hell. this is not my knitting week. i was working on the left front to the Katrina wrap top. i'd just started the armhole when i realized (like a dunce) that i was making a SECOND RIGHT FRONT. yup. that's right. forgot to reverse the shaping and seed stitch border. there's no saving this one. i've got to frog the whole piece back to the beginning. needless to say, this has lowered my enthusiasm for this top. instead i'll resume work on Smooch, since that one has a deadline.


29 June 2003

Note to self: stop trying to knit, or follow charts after midnight.

in my excitement, i cast on for Smooch last nite (really, early this am). i figured i could finish the lace portion then put it down. i frogged FOUR times because i just wasn't getting it right. pulled out books, reviewed alison's tips....nothing was seeming to come together.

and now it's sunday. and after some sleep, i'm back at it again. so far, its going smoothly. jeez. at least i learned one thing from this. [see note above].

pics soon...i promise!


28 June 2003

well, thanks to Alison and her smoochy helpful hints, i cast on for Smooch, with bright-ass red Cotton Ease. i want to wear this for my daughter's birthday [July 26th]. i think i have more than enough time to finish. the directions for the picot edging were slightly confusing, but alison managed to clear my head. once i finish the edging, i'll go back and finish the front piece of the Katrina wrap top. after that's done, i'll concentrate on Smooch until it is finito.

oh! have you seen Bonne's latest?? The ChicKami!! This is a must have for the summer. Woo Hoo!


25 June 2003

i have smooch envy.

i really want to make smooch, but i don't have the yarn. i'm hoping some money will fall into my lap soon so i can get my smooch on. so, instead, i started chippy from rowan 27. i'm using cotton ease again, this time in denim blue. a really easy pattern. my son caught sight of it, and likes it, so it may end up going to him instead (the benefits of wearing the same size as your 12 y.o. son). pagan still languishes in purgatory. i will get it out this weekend to finally finish it. and my pics are way overdue, so that is something else i hope to get to accomplish soon. i started the left front of the Katrina wrap top. i should be finished with that soon. it goes quickly, its just a matter of keeping track of the # of increases/decreases.


23 June 2003

i finished a front piece of the Katrina wrap top. it turned out about 3 inches longer than the back, but it seems that was my own fault. so, after i finish the other front piece, i'll go back and add on to the back. i am not looking forward to the 52" (total) of i-cord i have to make to finish this top. i want to start Smooch, but i've decided on RED instead of the blue i already have, so i'll have to get to Michael's or Hobby Lobby soon.


21 June 2003

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19 June 2003

for trade:
an unopened pack (10 balls) of Katia Colorado, in a pistachio green color (#9, second from the right on top).

looking for some nice summer weight yarn. rowan would be nice [wink, wink]. will consider all offers.


17 June 2003

oh! i forgot all about Paulina!!! i think i may have to start that soon. least swatch for it.


16 June 2003

i haven't knit a blasted thing since....friday. i can't even believe it myself. but it was a fun-filled weekend, so it was well worth the knit break. went shopping saturday and running errands for a somewhat spontaneous fishing trip, capped off by a great dinner at On the Border. sunday was fun. i'd never been fishing before, and had never paddled (rowed?) a boat before. let me just say, my muscles were screaming at me this morning. exhaustion is the word of the day! didn't catch a dayum thing, but babygirl had a great time with her new Barbie (yikes!) fishing rod.

so the plan for this week:

1. work on Katrina wrap top
2. finish pagan
3. work on glace shell
4. cast on for Smooch

yes, i know there are other projects waiting to be finished. and they will be. just not this week.


11 June 2003

HELP!! BABYGIRL wants to knit. NOW! i've half-attempted to teach her, and let me just say, i'm not doing a very good job of it. maybe because i learned from a book, never had anyone teach me, i just kinda figured it out on my own. add to this, she's left-handed, and i'm clueless. being the headstrong girl she is, she doesn't want to learn on what she calls "those big ugly needles", she'd much rather use the aqua colored aluminum size 8s i have. so, please someone, give me some helpful hints here...

moving right along...i haven't picked up pagan again. i'm mad at it. instead i finished the back of the beaded glace shell. looks very nice. even though i fought with the ribbon twisting it actually evened out in the end and makes for a nice smooth, drapey fabric. so i'm back in love with Berroco Glace once more. i want to start Smooch, but i have to wait until Pagan is done, AND i've finished the back of the Katrina Wrap top. i'm at the armhole shaping so that should be finished today or tomorrow. Bonne is currently making Paulina
. i've lusted after this shell for a long time, intimidated by the bias rib, it was always a part of the "someday" wish list. why can't "someday" be NOW? yup, another project i will be swatching for. i'm hoping that one of the mystery yarns in my stash will suffice.


06 June 2003

i am thoroughly frustrated with pagan. actually, i'm sick of it. oh i picked up the stitches just fine. the problem came when seaming the left shoulder seam. i twisted the front piece. not once, but twice. yup. you would think that after the first time, and picking out the stray ends i'd just woven in, i would check twice before resuming. nope. i held it up, and F**K! it's (very) late, and i'm not looking at it again. tomorrow maybe. maybe not. keep in mind, this is in white, so a good washing is definitely in store. i wanted to have it at least sewn together, if not blocked so i can post a pic, but that's not gonna happen. but soon, i will post a gallery of my finished items.


05 June 2003

i'm very pleased with how Sitcom Chic blocked. no roll at all. it looks very cute, even without a clasp or button. still haven't found the right one. pagan is still staring at me, and i should be finished with it by tomorrow. i need to be, because i have an appointment with a friend with a digicam to take pics. Yayyy!!! looking for a new project to start from stash. so, once the back of the glace tank is finished i will start swatching for a new project...maybe cornwall??


04 June 2003

i just got my hands on AS's Fisherman Sweaters. i'm in love with several of the patterns in the book: Stornoway, Eriskay, Lochinver, Fife, Cornwall, Norfolk, Inishmore, and Kinsale. now the search is on for adequate yarn substitutions. i've been lurking on the KBTH list just for that reason. Ideally, I'd like a wool blend, as opposed to 100% cotton. Rowan wool cotton or DB wool cotton comes to mind, but what else? I will try to swatch with LB WoolEase and see how that looks. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

i'm on a roll with the glace shell. i'm working on the armhole shaping. i should have the back finished tomorrow. and lazy me, i did not wind all the hanks into balls prior to starting to knit, so now i must pause and wind some more. i also finally weaved in the ends of the rio top, and washed Sitcom Chic, which is currently blocking. Pagan is staring me in the face, waiting patiently for me to pick up sleeves. If its a nice (bright) sunny day tomorrow i'll work on it then. then it's back to the Katrina wrap top, and assorted other UFOs.


02 June 2003

i'm for sale at blogshares! yes, you too can own a piece of amethyst muse. all for virtually nothing!

not much knitting news today. instead i engaged in some fishing and other extra-cirricular activities. but i did manage to get a few rows done on the ribbed vest. its starting to look pretty snazzy in pineapple cotton ease.


01 June 2003

still pluggin along with the glace shell, and the ribbed shell. i have not gotten back to pagan, but the weekend is not over yet. one of the next projects i plan to work on is the ribbed cardie, in red WoolEase Chunky. can you tell i'm just all over the place? in any event, i'm not going to start anything new until Pagan is done, and the back of the glace shell is done.