amethyst muse


28 April 2003

sitcom chic is for the most part finished. i still need to block it, sew in grosgrain ribbon and find the right button. but it's done. finished it at 2:00 this morning. i am so proud of myself. now i'm back to working on my first sock. and assorted other UFOs lying around.


23 April 2003

i've joined the body and sleeves of sitcom chic. so many stitches just to complete a row. i can see myself starting to slow down, especially at the raglan shaping. my k2tog and ssk tend to be a little loose, and i haven't yet found an adequate solution other than pulling my stitches extra tight. which, after a while, makes my hands hurt. but i like the way it is coming out so far. i haven't started the yoke detailing, maybe i'll get to that tonight.

my first sock is no big deal. some periwinkle unger utopia sport yarn, and two #3 circulars. no particular pattern--the leg portion is k2p2 rib, and it looks awfully small, like these could fit my daughter's little leg. oh well. like i said...this one's just for practice.

i just cast on for a new shell that is from the latest Knitters. It is on page 52--RipplesTimesTwo. i'm only going to make the shell. i have some Classic Elite Avignon in a funky color that i scored off ebay. its a nice chevron stitch pattern that i think will show up well with this yarn.

and i'm still rethinking the decreases on the linen drape tank.


21 April 2003

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as of right now, i am halfway thru the increases for the 2nd sitcom chic sleeve. i also cast on for a sock...just because. my very first sock. i think i see some sock knitting in my future. and i also found out today that i can expect a new nephew around July 16th. problem solved--i now know what to do with that LB Microspun I have lying around. the hooded baby sweater from the premiere Knit It!, i'd also like to make a baby hat, booties and a blamket. let's see just how much of all that gets completed before the big day.


19 April 2003

the first sleeve of sitcom chic is finished. now i am tempted to start a sock. i'm really digging this two-circular thing. i went to Hobby Lobby to exchange the Cotton Ease that I had for two more in orange. Hobby Lobby is changing their yarn selection. LB Homespun and Chenille Sensations has much less shelf space, and the newer LB yarns are taking over. They have also started to carry Patons Katrina, which is cool--I have a pattern for a cute camisole and shawl, and there is a pattern (#4) in the latest FCEK that I want to make using this yarn. There are also some other new cotton yarns as well. Sugar 'n Cream is pretty much nonexistent, except for a few remaining balls scattered around.

i've decided to frog the Rowan Flame tank. i'm not happy/satisfied with the way it is coming out. something funky with how the armhole edge decreases are looking. must research further. soooo...i guess that gives me permission to start a new project, right?


18 April 2003

halfway through the increases on the 1st sitcom chic sleeve. i think maybe i can finish this sleeve tonight.

i was thinking about my first foray into knitting. it was '92 or '93, after my son was born. i got it into my head that i wanted to learn how to knit. no scarves, or dishcloths for me, oh noooooo. i went to Smiley's on Jamaica Ave. in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY. I picked out a pattern for an olive/khaki short sleeved sweater with intricate cables. the yarn i chose was a cotton yarn. thinking back, it looked like a fine cabled cord. i didn't really want to invest too much money into this hobby, sight unseen, so i remember buying 6 skeins at $6 each. swatching? gauge? terms i knew of, but never paid attention to. this sweater was hard work!!! but i caught on quickly (by knitting vvveeerrryyy slowly!). i was a novice, and no one told me i couldn't attempt such an intricate pattern not that i wouldn't have listened! but in any case, shit happens, and i ended up putting the sweater aside because i ran out of yarn. see, by the time i got back to Smiley's the yarn was gone. (i don't know why, but i never thought about asking if i could special order some more). i moved onto other projects...none of which were completed! and to no one's surprise i eventually gave up on the knitting thing until 2002. for whatever reason i got interested in thread crochet. looking at websites and such, i happened along ChicKnits. a lightbulb went off over my head...knitting, i can still do that! my first completed project was the UCan2 Shell, started in April '02 and finished May '02, using Peaches 'n Creme cotton. I haven't looked back since. in the year since, i've completed 12 projects. i'm not going to talk about the ones i *didn't* finish...that story is for another day. last night, figuring out the sleeve on two circulars was a big deal for me. i am looking forward to making socks now! yay me!


10 rows into the first sitcom chic sleeve. no ladders yet. i had a little trouble at first, because both of my size 5 circulars are the same color. it got much easier when i switched to size 8s, which are different colors. my next projects will be #15 in the spring FCEK--a garter stich cropped shell. i also want to make the ruffled tank from the spring IK (minus the ruffles), and the RipplesTimesTwo shell from the latest Knitters. of course there are others (aren't there always?), but these three are high on the priority list.


17 April 2003

By Jove I Think She's Got It!!

i dug out the very helpful article how to knit with two circulars, sat down with my size 5 circulars, determined to GET IT. and i did. and now i'm sitting here cheezin'. never mind that i cast on the wrong # of stitches for the sitcom chic sleeve and had to frog all 2.5 rows. I Did It! it was a real "Ah Hah!" moment. dare i say, can socks be too far off???

ok. so i managed to scrape together some money for FCEK, Knitters and Ultimate Knitting. at the first go-through i've seen several patterns that go on the endless "future WIP" list. on a closer perusal, i was elated to see just how many patterns call for Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, my love affair yarn of the moment. (damn i wish LB had better colors!). so, even though the colors are limited, i can always revert back to the staples of black, red, white and maybe blue.

ok time to get back to my two circulars! i feel so smart now. hee hee.


14 April 2003

i picked up a UFO the other day, out of boredom, and today i finished it. the sampler scarf, from an Ann Norling pattern, in a forest/teal green Plymouth Galway. took almost exactly 2 balls. this is for my mom. obviously she is not going to get to wear it this year. i'd planned it for christmas, but it was so dayum boorriinnng. am i ever going to finish a baby blanket?? i have a skein of Brown Sheep Cotton Fine, that I am swatching as a replacement for Rowan 4-ply cotton. hope it works out.


10 April 2003

i'm in a knitting funk.

or more accurately...i'm suffering from knitting ENVY!!! projects i want to make, with yarn i don't have or can afford (sigh!). sure, i've got UFOs to finish...but it's all fall/winter stuff. i think i've finally found a pattern for the Katia Marrakesch in my stash. and i've got 1000 yards of LB Microspun that I don't know what to do with yet. sitcom chic is on hold til i can get some dpns, or a 2nd size 5 circular. i'm even considering using one size 5 and one size 4 (or six) if need be. i long for the day of a yarn store shopping spree!!