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23 January 2003

11" into sweet. i am looking forward to having at least one piece finished this week. i find that once i get into the rhythm of the smaller needles, it moves steadily, if not so quickly. i also added an inch or so to the top-down raglan. i'll have to put that aside soon when i run out of yarn. i'm figuring i will need 2 or 3 more for the body, and 2 more for the sleeves. next on the agenda will be a sirdar pattern--a lace edge cardie--for babygirl in purple intermezzo dk, and flame from Rowan 31 in a fabulous color of periwinkle linen drape. (yes, you can totally disregard that list over there on the left, lol)


19 January 2003

despite the dark clouds hanging over me, i am making some knitting progress. i'm about 8" into the back of sweet. on size 5 needles (and black yarn), it is slow going, but so far, so good. i'm almost 3" into the body portion of the top-down raglan. i'm actually glad i started that one over, since it was looking like it would end up a little snug, and i wanted it more oversized. on the other end of the spectrum, sweet looks like it will be semi-fitted, but since it is much thinner yarn, it won't make me look like a tub.


18 January 2003

let's see. added a few more rows to both sweet and the top-down sweater. i will probably get some more done tomorrow, if i can concentrate.

i am REALLY REALLY REALLY stressed at the moment, and am trying hard to keep it together, and not become suicidal. it certainly cannot get any worse than it has in the last 7 hours. whoever happens to read this, keep me & the kidlets in your thoughts and prayers.


17 January 2003

18.75 %

My weblog owns 18.75 % of me.
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16 January 2003

haven't been knitting too much, but i have made some progress. finished the yoke part of the top-down raglan, and am currently about 2 inches into the body. so, i think i'm going to switch to sweet for a couple of days, and try to finish the back at least. i love cheesylove, and am thinking that also goes on the future projects list. maybe in red with white hearts. very valentine-y.

there are so many projects i want to start NOW. but i'm trying to be good, and finish off what is currently on my active WIP list. i just remembered that I have a 50% done Pronto sleeveless turtleneck waiting to be finished. i'm already thinking of spring, since GA has about only 5-6 more weeks of COLD weather. by march, it will start warming up again. so many little time.


14 January 2003

this was a cool test. i would have to agree with the results, although i don't have such perfect boobs.

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12 January 2003

moving right along with babygirl's hooded sweater. i finished a sleeve and the back. tomorrow i need to get started on the front. it is knitting up pretty quickly. i've also been working on the top-down raglan. i am about 2/3 the way through the yoke part, and should be started on the body by monday. figure i can maybe finish the body by next weekend. and then there's sweet. i don't foresee getting back to that one until next week. it is an adjustment for me to go from size 8 and 9 needles down to a size 5.

an on another note:



09 January 2003

the WIP list has grown again. i added one more project, and i swear it is the last! the hooded sweater that is on the back cover of the latest Knit It. it is for my daughter, and i'm 10 rows from finishing the back. it only takes 2 skeins, so i am hoping that i'll be finished by monday. my daughter is a weird size. she's 6, and slim but tall. i was torn between the size 4 or the size 6-8. she is just barely wearing a size 6, and some of her clothes are still size 4. i am making the 6-8 size. i will probably have to adjust the sleeve length, but that is okay. i am being diligent in making notes as i go along. when i'm following a pattern, i take my row gauge and multiply it by the # of inches of the sweater, giving me the row number i *should* be at to reach the proper measurement and. i stocked up on row counters last week at Hobby Lobby when knitting accessories were 1/2 off. keeping track of rows helps when it is some time lapse between my knitting the front and back pieces.


07 January 2003

Back to Square One!

As i was sitting here, working on the top-down raglan, i suspected that it may be a bit small. my knitting is a little tight, even though i manage to stay pretty much on gauge, i'm afraid it will turn out too small. soooo, in order to avoid a too-small-disaster in the making, i'm frogging and moving up a size. oversized is better than snug. i guess that is a leftover hangup from my "larger" days when all i wore was oversized clothes. i've been transitioning to slimmer fit clothes, but am still self-conscious.

in october 1999 i weighed 196 lbs. and a size 18-20, i started working out january 2000, got pregnant, had baby in October and walked out of the hospital with very baggy clothes. my first shopping expedition was for some much-needed jeans that didn't fall off my ass. i nearly peed my pants in the dressing room when i tried on a size 10 pair of tommy hilfiger jeans and they fit! so in the years since i've been sort of phazing out the "baggy, shapeless" portion of my wardrobe, and adventuring into more form fitting clothes. still, some days....well baggy is "safer.


my velvet touch crop top is on hold indefinitely due to my stupidity. yup, you guessed it....not enough yarn. need one more ball, and i haven't seen it anywhere online. it is a denim variegated mix. i frogged the skinny rib turtleneck and will attempt it again later. the "dreamy turtleneck" is on hold indefinitely as well, mainly out of boredom.


knitting update. just finished haiku from knitty. i used 2 balls of bernat cotton tots in lavendar. it is so cute. i haven't sewn it up yet, but will do so tonite (really!). i am re-vamping my WIP list. some stuff will go on hold. some stuff will be frogged. some stuff will be added. one project is a top-down raglan from knitting pure & simple (#9724), which i'm making using Berroco Uxbridge Tweed (color #1171). i've gotten past the increases and am working on the body now. i thought it was going to be difficult, but it really isn't. i NEED a digital camera, but i can't afford it. so instead, i will purchase another digital camera, and take some pics.

i realized that my WIP list was out of control, and reveals my total lack of focus. that's been a problem of mine--i'm a great starter, an expert procrastinator, and a horrible finisher. guess how many unfinished stories i have stored on my computer. so i'm going to concentrate on 2 or 3 main knitting projects AND my current novel-in-progress Eden's Promise.


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