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19 December 2003

sweet is coming right along. i'm almost done with the back. babygirl loves the color (hot pink). and i've got about 11 inches so far on Cafe Bastille, with general approval from the man-child. neither one will be done for christmas, so they will be a post-christmas gifts. the wrist is feeling better, as i gave myself a bit of rest from knitting. and alternating between size 4 and size 11 needles seems to have helped. i've been too lazy/busy to get to the post office, so 3XChic and the long-finished Sampler Scarf will be mailed off after the holidays. i HATE standing in line, and there are nothing BUT lines at the post office.

i took the top-down cardi off my WIP list because it is done. i still need to put in the zipper, but for all intents and purposes, i'm finished. i just need the time (and inclination) to sew in the damn zipper. lol

looking ahead to future projects...i'm thinking maybe something from Vintage Knits, or perhaps the Curry Cabled Cardigan from IK.

another complaint...why does it seem like B&N NEVER, EVER has Vogue Knitting??? i've missed the fall issue totally. and i forget where i finally found the holiday issue.


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