amethyst muse


16 December 2003

oh hell. 2/3 of the way through the final sleeve for Chippy and I run out of yarn. i was sure it wouldn't take more than one ball of Cotton Ease, but i guess i was mistaken. so that is on hold until i can get some more. i've gone ahead and seamed up the shoulders and pulled it over my head. undecided whether or not i need to close up the boatneck shaping a wee bit, so for now it stays. i went back to work on Sweet, on size 4 needles (ouch), but surprisingly enough, it's moving pretty damn quickly. i'm already up to the armhole shaping. once i finish the back on that, i'll finish up the back on Core. and Cafe Bastille is moving quickly on size 11 needles. maybe i can get the body done by monday.


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