amethyst muse


06 November 2003

i'm writing. really i am. 1046 words so far today. but i've been knitting too. don't ask how i do it, but i knit while i'm at the keyboard--i really need some dictation software!. anyway, i worked on the top-down cardi. finished the first sleeve, and finished the collar. that collar made a hell of a difference. it actually looks like something now.i tried it on, and it is still slightly too short. once i finish the second sleeve, i'll add an inch or two to the bottom. now i'm working on the front of the lush turtleneck. this color is sooo nice. once i finish that i'm jump back to Lo-Tech and finish another piece of that one. i've been looking at the cabled cardi in the Fall '02 IK, and i want to make it. really bad. ooh! and retro prep too!


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