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25 November 2003

Grace may have to go. i was on gauge with the sleeves, but i've started and re-started the back and am not happy. i can't get gauge at all. weird, huh? i'm wondering what else i can use the purple bandolino for. hmmmm....

moving right along with Accordian. the back is done, and i'm working on one of the front pieces. its a really easy pattern, and i'm looking forward to making one for myself, and my daughter. perhaps cotton? but that is not for a while yet.

i've started assembling lo-tech but found out (the hard way) that the raglan shaping on one sleeve is too long. looks like this project is stalled until i feel like going back to it.

top-down cardi is almost done. i have to finish one sleeve, try it on, then determine whether or not i'm going to add an inch or two to the body. i haven't finished it yet because,'s boring. round and round and round in stockinette....

lush turtleneck: is waiting for the collar stitches to be picked up (and one sleeve). and i'm slightly confused by the pattern, which states: with larger needles, pick up and knit 102 stitches. Row 1(RS): P2, K3, end ok well this is what confuses me. if i pick up stitches with the right side facing, my next row will be a WRONG-side row. am i correct, or have i lost something along the way? other than that stumbling block, i'm happy with the way it is turning out. i used Caron Simply Soft, and it feels quite nice. maybe not as drapey as it would have been using Classic Elite Lush, but i am content.


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