amethyst muse


19 October 2003

worked on GPP grand plan pullover yesterday. re-knit the back and finished the front. i'm happier with how it came out this time. i used a larger needle and loosened up my very tight knitting. it is more drapey and not as stiff.i joined the pieces of the ribby cardie and started the decreases. i'll be glad when this one is done. accordian has to be frogged. the back is too small, and i realized that i inadvertently tightened up my gauge. Woolease makes me want to knit tightly, and i have to consciously fight against that. i realized that as i was working on lo-tech, which is coming along smoothly. i'm at the raglan decreases on the left front. i have to agree with another blogger (i forget who), who praised the simplicity and clearness of Bonne's patterns. the only problems/mistakes have been my own.


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