amethyst muse


07 October 2003

oh hell. i was plugging away at the back of Grace today. took a good look at it, stretched out on two needles, and i said to myself, "hmmm....this looks a little small". break out the measuring tape, and hell yeah! by like 4 inches!!! i scratched my head and said, "WTF?" i re-checked my gauge on the sleeves which are complete. they are right on point. but for whatever reason, my gauge on the back is tight. too tight to block out. so i frogged it. pissed me off to no end. that is TWO idiotic mistakes in TWO days!!! maybe i need a break. in any case, i pulled out 3XChic and worked on the front. and i worked on my Lo-Tech Sweat. yup another project i snuck in on the down low. i started it, got through the irritating moss stitch border then put it aside. wasn't really planning to come back to it for a while, but guess what. it is SIMPLE. MINDLESS knitting. i think that's what i need right now.


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