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14 October 2003

between sunday and monday, i started a toddler sized accordian. between maintaining a nice tight gauge, and k4p4 rib, my hands hurt. now, when doing rib, i always have that annoying problem that the last knit stitch before a purl stitch comes out loose and crappy. well thanks to another blogger, (i forgot who), i found out that wrapping the yarn under then over on the purl stitch after the knit stitch will tighten things up. and it works for me.before, i was twisting stitches, which was an imperfect solution. for the ribby cardie, it kinda worked. but for 3XChic, i was twisting stitches all over the place, because i had loose stitches everywhere. i think it was the nature of knitting with homespun on bamboo needles. but it hides it well. and that leads me to another trip to the frog pond. i knit several rows of the sleeves of chippy, and fell victim to the loose stitch syndrome [hereby now known as LSS], so i frogged them both. i'm 10 rows away from finishing the 2nd sleeve for accordian. tomorrow i will return to the ribby cardi. the top-down cardi is slow going on the sleeve. i really hate sleeves, and when i leave them last to do, they seem to take forever and a day. i bought a zipper, but it appears to be too short. aside from that, i think i may want to add an inch or two to the bottom. i really really need to get back to work on inishmore, but i'm going to wait until i have a few more items in the FO pile.


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