amethyst muse


11 October 2003

3XChic is done. all thats left is blocking, neckline and seaming. i finally got back to the ribby cardi. yesterday i started and finished one sleeve. tonight i'll work on the 2nd. picked up a zipper for the top-down cardi, but i think it's too short. i want to lengthen it a little bit. and i want to make accordian for my daughter. she's not a toddler, but the adult small would be way too big. i can either size down, or size up. i think i'll be sizing up, since she's closer to toddler than adult, well at least agewise. she is 7, and wears a 10/12 jacket. i picked out Woolease is grey heather and rose heather for her. i hope she likes it.

and i picked up an old issue of Ultmate Knitting, only because it has a knitted skirt in it. and a cape/poncho thingie that looked pretty interesting.


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