amethyst muse


01 October 2003

2nd sleeve of 3XChic is done. now i can move on to something else. this is a christmas present, so i can let it "marinate" for a bit, while i work on something else. i think tomorrow i will try to get back to work on my daughter's sweater. i have more stuff to make for her, and i want to get started before she goes through yet another growth spurt. i fudged around with the numbers/gauge of the Grand Plan Pullover (GPP), so it will fit a bit oversized. might just last til next fall! inishmore is calling me, but i don't feel like working on it. it requires my full attention. i think when i've completed a project or two more, i can really concentrate on that one.

i need to finish:
ribby cardie
top down raglan cardi


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