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27 September 2003

what tha hell? i tried to edit my template, but it only partially loads into the template editor. i really am not in the mood to select a new template and all that crap. in any case....Grace has TWO complete sleeves, and I've started the back. Top Down Cardi is coming along...still knitting the body portion. And I've started yet another pattern. the Grand Plan Pullover that was featured in IK and in Knitters Handy Book of Patterns. I'm using LB Jiffy in a purple/pink/teal/blue variegated mix. My daughter's favorite colors and i'm sure she'll love it. i've completed one sleeve and started on the back. its been a week for sleeves...i've also started on the first sleeve for 3XChic.

my son has requested a zippered, hooded vest. In black, of course. you think he'd know/mind if I used a...shhhh....women's pattern?? We pretty much wear the same size.

[shaking head]

i still can't believe i'm the mom of a teenager. jeez. he'll be 13 on 10/6. and i'll be 37 on monday.


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