amethyst muse


29 September 2003

up late last night, working on the top down cardi. finished the ribbing and am ready to start the sleeves. i think this past week has been a week for sleeves. i really dislike knitting sleves. keeping track of increases, decreases...more of a chance of messing up. i become an anal row counter when it comes to sleeves, to ensure they come out looking the same. so, this morning, i'm back to 3XChic, and when that last sleeve is done, i'll go back to work on Grace. got some swatching to do....i'm eager to play around with Elann's Den-m-nit. i want to make their cables & lace cardigan, and Core from Rowan Pipsqueaks for babygirl. I've also got the Twilley's Denim Freedom book on its way to me.


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