amethyst muse


07 September 2003

not much knitting going on. i started a temp gig on 8/27, which was supposed to end on 9/5, but (lucky for me) has been extended one more week. sooo....transitioning into working again has left me exhausted. lol but a good exhausted. i feel like i'm a functioning member of society again. Inishmore is coming along really slowly. i haven't even finished a complete pattern repeat. i started the Ribby Cardie and whipped the back up quick enough. but aside from that, i've been writing instead of knitting. i'm still trying to figure out how to balance the two. i wish i had voice recognition software (oops, i do)...well i wish i had enough RAM to use said voice recognition software, then i could write and knit at the same time.

ciao for now.


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