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13 September 2003

HOLY CRAP!!! Thanks to this link, and an animation of how to pick up stitches i realize i've been doing it ALL WRONG! currently, i have 2 or 3 projects awaiting the dreaded "pick up stitches". but still, there is a wee bit of confusion, when a pattern states "pick up and knit". do i pick up a stitch, knit it, then pick up another? do i pick up al the stitches then knit? i can't wait to try out my newfound knowledge. well, at least it is clearer to me in theory. in other knitting news...Inishmore is languishing. it makes my hands hurt, trying to maintain such a tight gauge. i have a sneaky suspicion that my gauge is off, but sobeit. the intended recipient is 6'1" with long arms. bigger will be just fine. i also started another project (shame on me!). i'm using Stahl Bandolino from Elann. compared to ASC and Cotton Ease, it is slightly thinner. but the gauge on the ball band is pretty much the same. but i did go up a size, based on my swatch. i hate swatching, so i'm using my best judgement, cause i was not knitting a second swatch. i started on a sleeve, and all looks well so far. wish me luck!


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