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22 September 2003

finished the back to 3XChic yesterday. it is a very quick knit. now i'm back to the raglan cardi. hopefully i can finish the body on that this week.

i've been strangely attrached to the poncho knit-along. i'm not a poncho kind of gal. or at least i thought i wasn't. however...there is a pattern that has been calling me for a while. it is in the Fall '02 FCEK. The one with Greenlee (from AMC) on the cover. i want to make that sweater as well, but i digress. anyway, pattern #10 is this hooded wrap/poncho/cape thingie I want to make. I'm thinking a nice burgandy color with black edging. or a charcoal with red trim. i'm not sure if i want a solid color, or a tweedy color. i'm thinking tweedy is the way to go. since it is outerwear, i want something firm but a little drapey. oh yeah....and affordable!

my choices thus far are:
1. Tahki Soho Bulky
2. Reynolds Lopi
3. Lambs Pride Bulky
4. Woolease Chunky

if anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know!!


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