amethyst muse


26 August 2003

i've heard it said that knitting is therapeutic. never had any opinion one way or the other, i just enjoyed it. but after the past few days, i can understand the zen of knitting. as it turns out, it looks like i will not be getting to nyc for my grandmother's funeral, and its killing me. add to that the stress of still being unemployed, having a job dangled in front of me then taken away, and the prospect of being without electricity during the hottest week of the year--well, you get the idea. i turned to my knitting--but instead of working on current projects, i started new stuff. and that sense of accomplishment, seeing each row grow into a garment--well, it soothed me. now, if only i could channel some of this "zen-ness" into my writing, and i'd be all set.

i started on inishmore, and it is coming along nicely. i have to admit, i was really kinda intimidated. i did NOT swatch. it actually looks a little small, but that could be because it is all bunched up on a straight needle. i even have one of the charts mostly memorized, or at least i can "read" my stitches and know what comes next. i can see another inishmore in the future...for ME.


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