amethyst muse


26 August 2003

INTERVIEW, questions courtesy of Unfurnished Brooklyn [Iris]

1) What is your favorite season?
I think I would have to say the fall. The beginning of the school year, the start of football season. Its not too hot, and the leaves are changing colors. I even like seeing all the new school supplies--books and pens in the stores. I guess that comes from the writer in me. But throughout my life, the "newness" of the school year wears thin by October. My birthday is in the fall too.

2)What knitting project has languished unfinished the longest?
The oldest project at the moment is a knit pillow that i will never finish. My gauge was soooo tight, it feels damn near like cardboard. I also decided I didn't like how the yarn looked either. I also have a grey sweater from last fall/winter. All I have left to do is the front and finishing. I will get back to it, eventually.

\3)What was your most regrettable hairstyle?
Aw man, do we have to go there? I did the jheri curl thang for a hot minute. For real. Cut off all my hair, got the curl, hated it and got braids. what's bad is that i went to my HS prom like this!!!!

4)In a movie of your life, who would play you?
I would like to say Angela Bassett. She is one of my favorite actresses. My life is pretty boring, and Ms. Bassett could make it *seem* more exciting. LOL

5)What is the one material possession you can't live without?
My CDS. Music moves me. Soothes me. Inspires me. Can't live without my music. From Miles, to the J5, to Creed, to Nas to Alanis Morrisette to Erykah Badu to Frank Sinatra to Bob Marley, and everone in between. I love just about all music.


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