amethyst muse


21 August 2003

finished the front of the glace shell. joined the shoulder seams, then stopped. yes, once again, stalled by the "picking up of stitches". one day soon, i'm going to make it to S'nB and take all my projects that are waiting to be finished, and beg someone to give me some hands-on-instruction on picking up stitches.

i'm undecided whether i should start the lo-tech sweat, or the ribbie cardi. [why not both? the evil voice says] and i think i also want to make chamomile from the rowan summer tweed collection. the gedifra marrakesch is the same gauge as summer tweed. lets see if it works.

oh yeah!!! INISHMORE. I really, really, want to make this, but am a wee bit intimidated. i'd like to use LB Fisherman's Wool. i haven't swatched yet, but will. soon.


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