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04 June 2003

i just got my hands on AS's Fisherman Sweaters. i'm in love with several of the patterns in the book: Stornoway, Eriskay, Lochinver, Fife, Cornwall, Norfolk, Inishmore, and Kinsale. now the search is on for adequate yarn substitutions. i've been lurking on the KBTH list just for that reason. Ideally, I'd like a wool blend, as opposed to 100% cotton. Rowan wool cotton or DB wool cotton comes to mind, but what else? I will try to swatch with LB WoolEase and see how that looks. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

i'm on a roll with the glace shell. i'm working on the armhole shaping. i should have the back finished tomorrow. and lazy me, i did not wind all the hanks into balls prior to starting to knit, so now i must pause and wind some more. i also finally weaved in the ends of the rio top, and washed Sitcom Chic, which is currently blocking. Pagan is staring me in the face, waiting patiently for me to pick up sleeves. If its a nice (bright) sunny day tomorrow i'll work on it then. then it's back to the Katrina wrap top, and assorted other UFOs.


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