amethyst muse


16 June 2003

i haven't knit a blasted thing since....friday. i can't even believe it myself. but it was a fun-filled weekend, so it was well worth the knit break. went shopping saturday and running errands for a somewhat spontaneous fishing trip, capped off by a great dinner at On the Border. sunday was fun. i'd never been fishing before, and had never paddled (rowed?) a boat before. let me just say, my muscles were screaming at me this morning. exhaustion is the word of the day! didn't catch a dayum thing, but babygirl had a great time with her new Barbie (yikes!) fishing rod.

so the plan for this week:

1. work on Katrina wrap top
2. finish pagan
3. work on glace shell
4. cast on for Smooch

yes, i know there are other projects waiting to be finished. and they will be. just not this week.


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