amethyst muse


25 June 2003

i have smooch envy.

i really want to make smooch, but i don't have the yarn. i'm hoping some money will fall into my lap soon so i can get my smooch on. so, instead, i started chippy from rowan 27. i'm using cotton ease again, this time in denim blue. a really easy pattern. my son caught sight of it, and likes it, so it may end up going to him instead (the benefits of wearing the same size as your 12 y.o. son). pagan still languishes in purgatory. i will get it out this weekend to finally finish it. and my pics are way overdue, so that is something else i hope to get to accomplish soon. i started the left front of the Katrina wrap top. i should be finished with that soon. it goes quickly, its just a matter of keeping track of the # of increases/decreases.


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