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11 June 2003

HELP!! BABYGIRL wants to knit. NOW! i've half-attempted to teach her, and let me just say, i'm not doing a very good job of it. maybe because i learned from a book, never had anyone teach me, i just kinda figured it out on my own. add to this, she's left-handed, and i'm clueless. being the headstrong girl she is, she doesn't want to learn on what she calls "those big ugly needles", she'd much rather use the aqua colored aluminum size 8s i have. so, please someone, give me some helpful hints here...

moving right along...i haven't picked up pagan again. i'm mad at it. instead i finished the back of the beaded glace shell. looks very nice. even though i fought with the ribbon twisting it actually evened out in the end and makes for a nice smooth, drapey fabric. so i'm back in love with Berroco Glace once more. i want to start Smooch, but i have to wait until Pagan is done, AND i've finished the back of the Katrina Wrap top. i'm at the armhole shaping so that should be finished today or tomorrow. Bonne is currently making Paulina
. i've lusted after this shell for a long time, intimidated by the bias rib, it was always a part of the "someday" wish list. why can't "someday" be NOW? yup, another project i will be swatching for. i'm hoping that one of the mystery yarns in my stash will suffice.


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