amethyst muse


01 May 2003

unfortunately, i didn't get the job i interviewed for two weeks ago. i'm sad, disappointed, and my ego is taking a beating. i'm trying to not let it get me down. nevertheless, the resumes continue to go out. sitcom chic is still awaiting a button. i think i will go look for something this weekend.

in knitting news alison is organizing a Pagan knit-along. i don't have any Rowan All Seasons Cotton (except for one ball i bought to play with), and although i love the yarn, i will be substituting with either Cotton Ease or Gedifra Marrakesh. so, a-swatchin' i will go. the sock is coming along slowly. i had been looking for a pattern specifically for 2 circulars, but am making do with a generic sock pattern i found at i've also gone back to work on the sirdar sleeveless turtleneck for babygirl, as it has gotten hot here in Georgia.


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