amethyst muse


08 May 2003

Pagan Knitalong Update:

Required gauge: 17st and 24r to 4"

i will definitely be using Cotton Ease, unless some unknown yarn fairy pops some ASC into my hands. I swatched with both size 7 and size 8 needles.

Size 7: 4.5st and 7r to 1"

Size 8: 4.33st and 6r to 1"

soooo....should i swatch again with size 8 needles? are the size 8s close enough to get over?

on one of my last yarn buying sprees i bought some red heart, and some LB chenille sensations. dont ask what i was thinking about the red heart, i dont know. i really tried to work with the LB yarn, but it just ain't happening. so today i called Hobby Lobby to see if they would still take it back (well, an exchange at least), and they said no problem. so i picked up one more ball of Cotton Ease for Pagan, and the rest of what they had in white of Patons Katrina. yay me! new yarn is like new shoes...always makes me feel good.


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