amethyst muse


06 May 2003

< whine >

a little depressed today. not much knitting content. i'm almost finished with the front piece of babygirl's sleeveless turtleneck, which may end up being a simple crew neck, because it doesnt' look like i will have enough yarn to finish a turtleneck. that's the story of my life. i'm thinking i may not be able to join the Tank Girl knitalong...but we'll see what happens. it's weird. i have all this free time to knit, but i'm not accomplishing much. my so-called stash is not satisfying me at the moment. i'm thinking of offering up some stuff for trade. i have yarn, but not enough to complete anything. i don't do scarves very often, and every pattern i have bookmarked requires yarn i don't have, or don't have enough of, or don't have a adequate substitute.

< /whine >


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