amethyst muse


19 May 2003

guess what i did today. i wove in the seams to sitcom chic. and after hanging on a hanger for um, 2 or 3 weeks, most of the curling is gone. i'll do a final steam, then decide if it really really needs grosgrain ribbon. i'm quite happy with it. i haven't found THE button yet. i will probably try to get some sort of clasp until the RIGHT button falls in my lap. i also sewed the sleeves and side seams to the Rio ribbed topI also finished some time ago. lots of ends to weave in and i don't feel ike doing it right now. instead i went back to work on Pagan. i'm exactly halfway to the beginning of the arm shaping. if i don't buckle down and finish it tonight, it will probably be tomorrow or wednesday before i can block both pieces.

once Pagan is done i will be working on the glace shell, babygirls sleeveless shell, and swatching for yet another project. the past few days have been cool (hmmm...maybe i should wear Sweet one more time?), and it promises to remain that way at least until thursday. this weather has me thinking about (oh now!) fall/winter knitting.


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