amethyst muse


23 April 2003

i've joined the body and sleeves of sitcom chic. so many stitches just to complete a row. i can see myself starting to slow down, especially at the raglan shaping. my k2tog and ssk tend to be a little loose, and i haven't yet found an adequate solution other than pulling my stitches extra tight. which, after a while, makes my hands hurt. but i like the way it is coming out so far. i haven't started the yoke detailing, maybe i'll get to that tonight.

my first sock is no big deal. some periwinkle unger utopia sport yarn, and two #3 circulars. no particular pattern--the leg portion is k2p2 rib, and it looks awfully small, like these could fit my daughter's little leg. oh well. like i said...this one's just for practice.

i just cast on for a new shell that is from the latest Knitters. It is on page 52--RipplesTimesTwo. i'm only going to make the shell. i have some Classic Elite Avignon in a funky color that i scored off ebay. its a nice chevron stitch pattern that i think will show up well with this yarn.

and i'm still rethinking the decreases on the linen drape tank.


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