amethyst muse


18 April 2003

halfway through the increases on the 1st sitcom chic sleeve. i think maybe i can finish this sleeve tonight.

i was thinking about my first foray into knitting. it was '92 or '93, after my son was born. i got it into my head that i wanted to learn how to knit. no scarves, or dishcloths for me, oh noooooo. i went to Smiley's on Jamaica Ave. in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY. I picked out a pattern for an olive/khaki short sleeved sweater with intricate cables. the yarn i chose was a cotton yarn. thinking back, it looked like a fine cabled cord. i didn't really want to invest too much money into this hobby, sight unseen, so i remember buying 6 skeins at $6 each. swatching? gauge? terms i knew of, but never paid attention to. this sweater was hard work!!! but i caught on quickly (by knitting vvveeerrryyy slowly!). i was a novice, and no one told me i couldn't attempt such an intricate pattern not that i wouldn't have listened! but in any case, shit happens, and i ended up putting the sweater aside because i ran out of yarn. see, by the time i got back to Smiley's the yarn was gone. (i don't know why, but i never thought about asking if i could special order some more). i moved onto other projects...none of which were completed! and to no one's surprise i eventually gave up on the knitting thing until 2002. for whatever reason i got interested in thread crochet. looking at websites and such, i happened along ChicKnits. a lightbulb went off over my head...knitting, i can still do that! my first completed project was the UCan2 Shell, started in April '02 and finished May '02, using Peaches 'n Creme cotton. I haven't looked back since. in the year since, i've completed 12 projects. i'm not going to talk about the ones i *didn't* finish...that story is for another day. last night, figuring out the sleeve on two circulars was a big deal for me. i am looking forward to making socks now! yay me!


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