amethyst muse


19 April 2003

the first sleeve of sitcom chic is finished. now i am tempted to start a sock. i'm really digging this two-circular thing. i went to Hobby Lobby to exchange the Cotton Ease that I had for two more in orange. Hobby Lobby is changing their yarn selection. LB Homespun and Chenille Sensations has much less shelf space, and the newer LB yarns are taking over. They have also started to carry Patons Katrina, which is cool--I have a pattern for a cute camisole and shawl, and there is a pattern (#4) in the latest FCEK that I want to make using this yarn. There are also some other new cotton yarns as well. Sugar 'n Cream is pretty much nonexistent, except for a few remaining balls scattered around.

i've decided to frog the Rowan Flame tank. i'm not happy/satisfied with the way it is coming out. something funky with how the armhole edge decreases are looking. must research further. soooo...i guess that gives me permission to start a new project, right?


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