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17 April 2003

By Jove I Think She's Got It!!

i dug out the very helpful article how to knit with two circulars, sat down with my size 5 circulars, determined to GET IT. and i did. and now i'm sitting here cheezin'. never mind that i cast on the wrong # of stitches for the sitcom chic sleeve and had to frog all 2.5 rows. I Did It! it was a real "Ah Hah!" moment. dare i say, can socks be too far off???

ok. so i managed to scrape together some money for FCEK, Knitters and Ultimate Knitting. at the first go-through i've seen several patterns that go on the endless "future WIP" list. on a closer perusal, i was elated to see just how many patterns call for Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, my love affair yarn of the moment. (damn i wish LB had better colors!). so, even though the colors are limited, i can always revert back to the staples of black, red, white and maybe blue.

ok time to get back to my two circulars! i feel so smart now. hee hee.


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