amethyst muse


10 March 2003

well this past weekend turned out to be a very non-knitting weekend. picture this...70 degree temps, not a cloud in the sky...needless to say, nature called, and fulfilled my need to be kissed by the sun (and not freeze my cojones off). it was a beautiful weekend. and this week promises to be in the upper 60s every day. i'm sad, because there are sooo many projects i want to make NOW. and i can't. last week i managed to print out patterns from Knitty, put them into clear plastic thingies and put those into a 2" binder. i selected oh, about half a dozen patterns, that i put at the front of the binder. they have priority, if i fall into some extra money soon. currently, my yarn buying budget is a big fat $0. nothing. nada. no exaggeration. with my being unemployed, and unemployment benefits having run out, yarn purchases have fallen into the "someday" realm. (but i can still lust, can't i?) in any case, i have a few unfinished items that will keep me knitting, at least until the end of the month.


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