amethyst muse


31 March 2003

SWEET is sweeettt!!!! it is done. yes, i finally did that final seam. and it fits. although, i can't remember which is the front and which is the back. LOL

anyway, in other news.....

i am such a dunce!!! so here i am, almost ready to start the sleeves on sitcom chic. i figure, let me try making a sock, so i can get in some practice with dpns before working on sitcom chic. makes sense, right? well my sad, sorry attempts at working with dpns got me terribly frustrated. then my awkward, brain-dead attempt at working with two circulars made me feel stupid. and yes, i'd already printed out the article Bonne linked to on her site, in fact it was sitting there right next to me! i gave up. it didn't help that i've had a toothache from hell the past 36 hours. i'll try again. and again. and again, if necessary. because now, it's not just learning a new technique...dammit, i'm not gonna let it beat me!!!


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