amethyst muse


18 March 2003

ok, well apparently i had entries sitting on blogger's servers that i neglected to publish. in any case, i've been offline for a week with computer probs. now i'm back. i'm almost done with the front of the Rio top. i just about to start the v-neck shaping. after the front, one more sleeve to do, then it's on to finishing. Rio is 100% rayon, and kinda bulky/slippery. i'm wondering if i should block it, especially since it is a rib pattern. well, i'll cross that bridge when i come to it. i also started a shapely tank from i'm midway through the front. i'm learning short row shaping, although i'm not entirely sure how to incorporate it into other patterns, should the need arise. ok, well babygirl is sick, and wants me to rub her tummy, so off i go to be mom. peace.


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