amethyst muse


01 March 2003

i started a new project. i've had some KFI Rio sitting in my stash since last year. i'd started one project with it (twice) Classic Elite #865. i really wasn't happy with the results, so i put it aside. on thursday, i started again, this time using Classic Elite #866. it is a simple v-neck t-shirt in a ribbed pattern (they call it pepper stitch). i really like how its coming out. Rio is a very slinky, very slippery 100% viscose yarn. it is variegated purple, pink and lime. sounds awful, but it looks really good. (i really wish i had a digital camera!) it is somewhat bulky as well, with very little give. i'm almost through with the armhole shaping on the back, and it is already getting heavy in my hands. i started casting on for sweet, but it was late, (and dark) so i put that aside until later today.


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