amethyst muse


05 March 2003

i am finally working on the front of Sweet. i fought with this damn piece all weekend. i primarily use the long-tail cast on, and usually i'm on point with estimating how much of a tail to leave behind. well not this weekend. it took several tries, and several recounts to get it all together. but now that Knitty is up, i'm being teased and tormented. i plan to make sitcom chic, and bob and janda. i want to make it in the orangeade shade of Cotton Ease, which i just happen to already have in my stash. ok, well maybe not 6 skeins, but enough to get a good start. LOL ahhh...the pleasures of "startitis". as a matter of fact, being that temps for the next week will be in the upper 60s - low 70s i'm not that enthused about working on sweet anymore, but still i want to get it done!


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