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29 March 2003

all i have left is one more seam on Sweet, but so far, so good. i'm really happy with the outcome. i tried it on with only one side and sleeve seam completed, and the other side hanging open. sleeves are a perfect length. I had some reservations about them being too long. now, the only reason i've been putting off this final seam, is that my apartment doesn't have the best lighting. i had to rip the first seam three times, doing it in the evening. today it's pretty gloomy and cloudy. but by tomorrow night it will be done, because i want to wear it monday. i swear the knitting goddesses heard me complaining that after all this work, it would be too warm to wear this sweater, well the temps have dipped a little this week, so i will get to wear it. yay!!

has anyone made the flame tie-shoulder tank from Rowan 31? i've just started the armhole shaping on the back, and this funky p2tog tbl is driving me crazy. but i like the way the edge stitches look, so i won't change...but i will complain about it. sitcom chic is coming along smoothly. i'm not up to the sleeves yet. i should be ready for that by monday.

i finished the front and back sleeveless turtleneck from the sirdar pattern below and frogged it. when it came to picking up stitches i did such a horrible, horrible job! i had gaping holes everywhere!!! methinks i need to use a much smaller needle, and maybe tighten up my tension a little bit around the neck.

and that brings me to the Rio t-top. just about finished, except for one thing...yup, you guessed it....picking up around the neckline. this one i am NOT frogging!!! but...still it seems like the # of stitches the pattern calls for to be picked up is not enough.

do any of you guys have tips on picking up stitches around the neck? and how come the # of stitches in a pattern never seem to be enough?


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