amethyst muse


23 February 2003

vogue knitting: i'm liking 14 out of 24 designs. not a bad deal. i am glad i picked up this magazine.
interweave knits: i like 10 out of 20 designs. another good purchase.
i don't know how many of these items will actually get made, but it is nice to dream, ain't it? anyway, i've started on the front of the boatneck shell, and hope to finish it this week. after that, back to sweet, and after that....back to Rowan Flame. i've had a terrible time with babygirl's lace cardi, and frogged it yet again. maybe i'm not ready to tackle lace, or at least not as one of multiple projects. it will require my full attention (no tv or computer). i'll try that one again soon.


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