amethyst muse


10 February 2003

i've got 6.5" done on flame, having just finished the waist shaping. i'm making the tie shoulder version of this pattern. i just love this color periwinkle. but i must say, that i have to take care not to split the yarn. i would hazard to guess that aluminum needles was not a good choice, but i work with what i have on hand. i do not have the luxury of spending any extra $$ right now. rowan does have nice colors, but i wish they had more bright colors, like orange, fuschia and chartreuse (yes bonne, i'm a green fan too!). they are all pretty muted. usually i pick up purple, and i really liked the purple linen drape, but i already have 3 different purple summer tops, and i was looking for something different. i think one of my in-the-near-future projects will be in summer tweed. i'm also looking forward to checking out Calmer and Cotton tape by rowan.


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