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06 February 2003

i'm trying to catch up with all the bloggers, and with my knitting as well. i'm even doing some writing in between. :-)
i hit a snafu with sweet. i put it aside, and when i picked it up 2.5 weeks later, i inadvertently increased too much. so i frogged a couple of rows and got back on track. (#5 needles, black yarn, and dim lighting...not a good time). i've added some more to the top-down raglan, i've got 5" done, from under the arm. will have to pick up some more yarn in order to finish. yes, i admit it. i hardly ever buy an entire project's worth of yarn at one time...simply because i can't always afford it. the yarn for this particular sweater has been purchased piecemeal. i'm guessing i will need 4-5 skeins more. i'm not too concerned with dye lot for 2 reasons...1- the LYS hasn't sold much of this yarn, in this particular color, and 2-it is tweedy and has variations in color that should mesh, if in fact i purchase another dye lot. (well, here's hoping ;-) ). today i also started bonne's buttonhole scarf. i'm using chenille quick 'n thick in the sapphire print color. sweet and the top-down rag will be my last winter-weight sweaters. i really am looking forward to starting something cute and spring-like, especially as i expect the weather to break soon. i'm also considering a long-term project, like an afghan.


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