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09 January 2003

the WIP list has grown again. i added one more project, and i swear it is the last! the hooded sweater that is on the back cover of the latest Knit It. it is for my daughter, and i'm 10 rows from finishing the back. it only takes 2 skeins, so i am hoping that i'll be finished by monday. my daughter is a weird size. she's 6, and slim but tall. i was torn between the size 4 or the size 6-8. she is just barely wearing a size 6, and some of her clothes are still size 4. i am making the 6-8 size. i will probably have to adjust the sleeve length, but that is okay. i am being diligent in making notes as i go along. when i'm following a pattern, i take my row gauge and multiply it by the # of inches of the sweater, giving me the row number i *should* be at to reach the proper measurement and. i stocked up on row counters last week at Hobby Lobby when knitting accessories were 1/2 off. keeping track of rows helps when it is some time lapse between my knitting the front and back pieces.


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