amethyst muse


16 January 2003

haven't been knitting too much, but i have made some progress. finished the yoke part of the top-down raglan, and am currently about 2 inches into the body. so, i think i'm going to switch to sweet for a couple of days, and try to finish the back at least. i love cheesylove, and am thinking that also goes on the future projects list. maybe in red with white hearts. very valentine-y.

there are so many projects i want to start NOW. but i'm trying to be good, and finish off what is currently on my active WIP list. i just remembered that I have a 50% done Pronto sleeveless turtleneck waiting to be finished. i'm already thinking of spring, since GA has about only 5-6 more weeks of COLD weather. by march, it will start warming up again. so many little time.


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